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Pricing that makes sense
And all plans include 1 dedicated IPv4, unmetered bandwidth and 24/7 tech support
from $2.80/mo
RAM 1 Gb
Processor 1 vCPU
Disk (SSD) 10 Gb
from $11.60/mo
RAM 4 Gb
Processor 2 vCPU
Disk (SSD) 25 Gb
from $23.40/mo
RAM 8 Gb
Processor 8 vCPU
Disk (SSD) 50 Gb
from $47.40/mo
RAM 16 Gb
Processor 16 vCPU
Disk (SSD) 100 Gb
Many locations - one price
for developers from developers
Scale Up Servers Anytime
Hosting in the VDS.Market means you have the capacity to provision additional resources whenever you require them - with a simple click.
No Contract Required
We believe in allowing our members as much freedom and flexibility as possible, so no contracts are required. You only pay for the services you provision.
Additional IP Address
One IPv4 comes with each server and you can always purchase more.
DDoS Protection
We provide advanced technology of DDoS protection. Think about your projects all everything we do.
RAID Redundant Storage
Our highly redundant architecture ensures that your servers and apps stay up and running when components misbehave.
Guaranteed CPU Cycles
We not only guarantee access to the CPU cycles you are paying for when you need them, you can also burst to use additional CPU cycles when they are not in use.
We have been chosen by clients
Yes, you can install any legal Windows OS from your own ISO.
We use KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine).
All our servers are work on Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU, KVM (Kernel-base Virtual Machine).
We are provide 100 mbps unguaranteed channel for each VPS. Real speed depends on hardware node channels load, but minimal - is near 30mbps. We do not shape speed but we hope our servers will use on a terms of Fair Use Policy.
To view the clock speed and other details of the CPU on the hypervisor you are assigned, run this command on the command line:
cat /proc/cpuinfo
Yes, we offer java VNC and no VNC widgets.
It is prohibited on our servers:
  • Spam (including spam on forums, blogs, etc.) and any activity that may lead to blacklisting of the IP address (BlockList.de, SpamHaus, StopForumSpam, SpamCop, etc.).
  • Hacking sites and searching for their vulnerabilities (including sql-inj).
  • Scanning ports and vulnerabilities, brute-force password selection.
  • Creation of phishing sites on any port.
  • Distribution of malware (by any means) and fraud.
  • Violation of the laws of the country in which the server you are using is located.
I have purchased one L Server for my website just two months ago. I am really happy with the easiness in placing the order and making payments. I have received the login credentials very quickly. Also, $13.30 per month is a very reasonable price for the type of service they are providing.
Alex Ignatenko fewskills.com
I was in search of a hosting server for my business that provides access to multiple IP addresses at a lower price. I am so happy with VDS.Market for providing additional IPv4 for just $3.9. This is an impressive service because we need huge number of IP's for our services. Additionally, the server installation was completed very rapidly.
Erika Gerber SMM wizard