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8 essential things to pay attention to while choosing a dedicated server
8 essential things to pay attention to while choosing a dedicated server
Alexander Grunsky - Data Center Sales Department

For those of you who want to become a brand-new Mark Zuckerberg while creating new social networks I have couple of advice. Usually these users ask me what server they ought to choose in order to achieve the same success as a famous creator of Facebook. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to convince users not to overthink it and be reasonable. Time after time various major companies find t necessary to select a different server just a couple of months before they bought a previous one. And for that matter we want you to explain to me in a very calm fashion what kind of server you really desire to have. As you can guess all this changing and switching of servers is an expansive process and it will take a lot of time. SO in order for you not to become one of those server owners who change server immediately you ought to ask yourself following questions «What kind of service are you going to offer? Would you probably need a vast database?» 

Through many years I have high lightened basic 8 steps that will aid users to choose a proper server and hosting provider, and apart from that you can select essential configuration for a dedicated server


1. Business influence during the failure time


Before you will decide on any particular server you can easily foresee the future problems with hosting dedicated server. First of all you have to realize what you will do after selecting any kind of dedicated server during a downtime of it. You have to remember that various type of cloud will prevent you from any kind of failures. When you will decide on a dedicated server you have to remember that you are not sharing it with other people and for that matter in case there will occur any kind of problem known as downtime whether you will be able to handle it. It will be difficult without having opportunity t scale to other servers. 


2. Check a scalability to a application


You have to keep in mind the fact that scalability is a crucial issue for those who selecting a server. Does your application scale well? Will you be able to connect numerous servers and improve the number of your potential customers? 

There are plenty of applications that you will find hard to scale for various devices and if you know how to scale you can easily choose either a dedicated server or virtual one. If you want to simplify the wholesome process you ought to select a server or move to it that has better processing capacity, the storage and by all means a RAM. With the cloud environment you can easily double a server, add a special load balancer to increase traffic to plenty of server. It would be a great solution. 


3. The quality of performance of your server


How do you expect your service to run? Which performance do you desire? Are there going to be a lot of users and what number of dedicated servers you want to obtain? Actually your selection of hardware will have a precise impact on server performance: 

The processor or CPU 

You are the one who can decide whether or not you will require one or more servers, processors and cores. To make a decision you ought to think about the application that you own and will you have any kind of advantages from multi-cores. Remember to pay attention t the performance of your core according to a clock speed: there are such processors that are working in a better way with smaller amount of cores and a bigger amount or GHz. To decide what kind of processor will be better you have to ask someone who runs an application or any particular software. But the impotent part is to consider a potential number of future visitors. 


If you want to have a better RAM option you have to get a faster CPU and numerous of cores. If for some reason you can not yet decide a number of RAMs that you require ten it will be better to select a server where one can add a necessary amount of RAM. There are actually plenty of RAMs out there even with couple of processors to your choice. 

The size of a dedicated server is totally connected with the selection of RAM. Recently users have started to use DDR4-technology that has a positive impact on the functioning process of your database. This technology have been overwhelmed by servers and become very popular lately. 

Hard drives 

In order to be totally protected from a downtime and various server failures you ought to consider purchasing RAID set-up. It will be noticeable that the whole server is working worse and you will observe the failure of performance until you will finally replace your hard drive. 

In case your server is very vast then you will have plenty of options. SATA drive will provide you with very low performance, and SAS on the other hand will have a totally better performance. But do not forget that it is more expensive. SAS was created to SSD and the total performance is better than SATA. 


4. The balance between several dedicated servers


You have to choose a form of balancing of the load in case your very application will scale through various dedicated servers. In case you have a large number of potential visitors and your traffic is increasing enormously you ought to have more webservers so your website would not have downtime and visitors will be able to observe your website. There will be a load balancer for keeping an eye on servers. So any kind of request will be redirected to a new server, different one. 


5. Foreseeing of a using of bandwidth


The ability to foresee a data traffic is closely connected to requirements of a bandwidth. For these users who know that they need a bandwidth but the foreseeing is very low then you have the select a package where you will receive data traffic in vast amount. This way you will discover precisely what are you going to spend on hosting a server. 


6. The quality of a network


In order for you to decide where your dedicated server should be placed you ought to regard the location of your potential visitors. If you are aware of the fact that your potential customers are in an APAC, then it will not be a smart move to have a server in Europe because the data speed will be extremely low there. The wholesome quality of your website is connected to a network`s host. In order for you to discover more about the quality of a network you have to pay attention to Network Operation Center. DO not forget to check your whole server and there is a great change that numerous providers will let you do that. 


7. Run your dedicated server remotely


Will you manage to run a dedicated server on your own? For those users who a running great applications it will be extremely easy to run and maintain the dedicated server, with all the necessary experience and skills. Majority of A-brand dedicated servers have possible remote running modules. The hosts can let you make an access to a module extremely secure. 

For those of you who have a private cloud solution the remote management is totally acceptable and provided for everyone. This can easily make the whole transition process easier for IT personnel. It will be possible for them to run and customize an operating system. 


8. A skillful partner


In order for you to succeed and find the best dedicated server you ought to check whether or not your provider is using the best specialists to meet all your needs. A skillful partner will know what you desire and he will help you to find the vest solution of all. 

So right now you are aware of all the important things you have to pay attention to while renting a dedicated server. In case you still have some questions then call our adviser and ask anything that is on your mind. They will be able to aid you right away.