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Difference between VPS, VDS and PDS
Difference between VPS, VDS and PDS
Erwin Wiseman - Senior Technical Support Engineer

In this day and age we have such a vast variety of various terms and slang-words regarding website hosting. And for that matter we have decided to help people find a main difference between a VPS, VDS and PDS. 

As you have probably figured out these three kinds of website hosting and more widely used all over the globe and for that matter we want all the users to be able to know how they vary precisely from each other.  
As soon as you will completely realize how these three main types of website hosting differ it will be easier for you to distinguish which one will be more suitable for you and your own business. 


VPS – Virtual Private Server 


With VPS unlike with shared server hosting you will not have to share your website with others and for that matter this VPS is considered to be a total improvement among website owners. As you have probably figured out on your own VPS is virtual in every way, so therefore it does to exist in a physical way, but regardless of this it still have a private OS and unique software. As soon as you will obtain your own private server you will marvel at the fact how extraordinary it is to possess such freedom for settings and making your own choices, according to your demands, due to the reason that there will be no need to share it with other hosts. While you have to share a server its productivity is decreasing and for that matter majority of users would prefer to improve their servers to VPS as soon as their business increases and need ore traffic and other options. 


VDS – Virtual Dedicated Server 


In case you are willing to improve the working of your website and increase a traffic you ought to upgrade to VDS, this way the performance of your website will increase noticeably. This option is totally perfect for those business owners who are expecting a vast increase in their traffic and for that matter they are managing to meet the requirements of their visitors and other potential customers. The most noticeable VDS and VPS difference is the kind of virtual server and modern technology that we utilize in order to transform the server. For those who prefer VDS we want to highlight the fact that usually a physical server is utilized while with VPS on the contrary the OS is used. Usually VDS is widely used by owners of vast and very big websites and people who own massive businesses.


PDS – Physical Dedicated Server 


This PDS server offers not only a total physical server to its customers and potential users but also a private hard drive, memory and other options for your business to utilizes according to your choice. 
The greatest advantage that you will obtain is that there is no need for you to share this very service with other customers, or business owners. The option of utilizing every single option will be open for you only after you will stay with PDS and outgrow all your limitations. As soon as it will occur with your very website you will have to move your own website and also spend a lot of financial expense and apart from it you will save some time for sure. If by any chance some kind of damage will be done to your own website then you will have to wait and keep up with your server being offline while you are fixing it. Every type of physical dedicated server is usually selected by the type of businessmen who know how to run hardware in physical form. 

For those users who still have no idea which dedicated server to select we advice to drop us a line and ask all the questions you have, we will be glad to assist you in any way.