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How can we distinguish between VPS/VDS and VPN?
How can we distinguish between VPS/VDS and VPN?
Alexander Grunsky - Data Center Sales Department

Actually, it can happen that we may not understand the profound meaning of every business term, and for some, it is difficult to find a difference between VPN and VPS. Especially regarding the difference between VPN hosting and VPS hosting. Even if you may confuse the acronyms for this services, please can in mind that those who offer totally different hosting opportunities. You may find these services for controlling some of the ways for operating the company kind of expensive, we want to remind you that there is the need for you to utilize the first and second service simultaneously. As soon as you will realize the main difference among VPN hosting service and VPS hosting service you will be able to select the one most appropriate for your very company.


VPS – stands for Virtual Private Service

For those who will select the VPS hosting, we want to highlight the fact that this web-hosting service gives you an opportunity to make your server appear as a dedicated server without spending too much on it. The reason why this VPS server hosting is not that expensive is because you will be sharing this server with other users, basically a couple of accounts will be put on this very server. Do not worry about the fact that you will not have a similar independence as on the dedicated server, we assure you that you will have a total control of your own business on the server and you will be able to run on your own the server, and various other pros you will obtain along with this. If it happens this way that your average or small business require a genuinely fast performance, you want your server to be safe and sound, but at the same time, you are worried about spending too much then this VPS hosting is perfect for you.

VPN – stands for Virtual Private Network

In case you require a network that will enable you to connect your business server to a head-office or a center, without showing your private date to anyone else, then VPN will suit you perfectly. If you need to exchange a private information with another office then this network service will let you do it, without overpaying even a bit for very expansive services and fancy equipment. Some users are forced to build private networks, and as you can assume it costs a lot. Obviously, you will have to spend a large sum of money for creating your own network and marking it run, for that matter, VPN is a perfect alternative. This hosting server enables you to use a private connecting between far away centers and business offices.

Should I choose VPS or VPN?

For those users or business owners who are in need of sending private data to other services, offices or headquarters we advise to choose a VPN. But in case you are not sharing any kind of secure and private data with others VPS hosting will suit you just fine. Some business owners find it essential to keep their private information away from hackers and potential competitor if you are one of them then select a VPN server without hesitation. But on the other hand, if your website needs a total control then it will be better to pick VPS hosting plan.

As you understand VPS is a public shared hosting but it gives you an opportunity to keep your data in control, safe from other hosts with whom you share the server. With the aid of VPN, the necessary data will only be transferred from one private office to the other, you will be totally in control. There is a chance that your own business may require VPS and VPN services at once, regarding the structure of your business and the services that are offered. By the way, the wholesome size of your business influences the choosing of the server as well.