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VPS hosting. What is it?
VPS hosting. What is it?
Erwin Wiseman - Senior Technical Support Engineer

VPS Hosting means – Virtual Private Server, which is meanwhile is named as generally known Virtual Server. By technicality, it is as well as specialized hosting, and simultaneously, shared hosting. It imitates specialized server in the common hosting domain. 

This is one of variant of the many possible web hosting accounts, against which you have possibility to host your website directly online. As, to have your website on the web, you require to have your web-site on the web server. To manage and setting up a server, is not only high-costly service, but also which is very difficult. When you request and purchase web hosting, it let one someone, rent it space on the web server, which let on to make easier for the average person, for the website online hosting. All what is required to do, it is to upload site files, as server setup is not required on their part. 

All of these three variant of hosting account are very similar, as in the fact, they all provide you possibility to run your website by the Virtual Server. The variety between them is how they are configured, their offered features, and the fact, that by each of them, you can have a certain level of customization. You can check more required information about our different variant of VPS features and plans.


VPS Hosting working ability. How it works?

Technology, which is behind VPS Hosting, is very similar to Virtual Box or VMware. Such programs let you run a number of virtual operating systems on one computer. Small example, when your computer running Windows 7 system, meanwhile you can run also Linux or Windows XP systems, and for this you don’t need to restart your machine.

Virtualization of the Operating System.

Because of possibility to run few various virtualized operating systems on only one available physical server which we have, our VPS hosting operates in the same way. Every virtualized operation system acting like if it were specialized server. This enables to you have all advantages of specialized server at a fraction of the cost. To virtualize Operative System, Parallels Virtuozo Containers are used for InMotion Hosting. Every VPS hosting domain is called as the container, and the physical server of each container is provided to be called as node.

VPS Hosting variety against Specialized and Shared? Why is it?

With the help of our specialized servers, you are renting the whole server. It is best for individuals who have a very high traffic on their websites, or in case if it is required to configure your server in very specific way. However, not everyone should have absolutely completely specialized web server. In case if you are only beginning to start your website, you can rent only a small part of the server, which will save you some more money. Shared hosting, it is when you share a part of the server with some other users, and not means that you fully rent entire server only for your own self.

In that case, when you consider a specialized server and you are not completely sure whether it's right or whether it is necessary for you, then it is possible that you will need to get a VPS Hosting.


VPS Hosting benefits. What are they?

  • VPS Hosting provides you access to the virtual hosting, and at the same, provides you more energy and monitoring, as a specialized server.
  • Privacy. Since you don’t share your Operating System with someone else, due to this, there is no possibility that other web-sites to appear on your own server, which can cause potentially access to the files on your device.
  • Customization. By obtaining VPS Server, you get completely your own OS, and which means that you own your own copies of absolutely whole server applications, as MySQL, PHP and Apache. To customize any of current services, anytime you can make required changes, to meet the server according your requirements and needs.
  • Control. In case of installation of the server applications that need system reboot, you can make it at any moment. Even in technical division of servers, your VPS server, can be rebooted without affecting somebody else.
  • Specialized Resources. Any time, specialized sizes of RAM are accessible to you, on server VPS. In contrast to virtual hosting, there will be nobody on your server, who will use all RAM when it more required for you!