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What is the main difference between virtual machines and dedicated servers, and how can we define wither one of them?
What is the main difference between virtual machines and dedicated servers, and how can we define wither one of them?
Alexander Grunsky - Data Center Sales Department

Will it be fair to assume that they are like private networks? How can we distinguish among dedicated hosting, virtual servers and shared ones?

These kinds of questions may rise upon those who are planning to host and kind of server, that is considered to be remote or simply a website. You will be amazed to discover how essential and useful virtual servers can be. 


What is virtual server, definition?


In order for us to get what is virtual private server (is widely used in abbreviation VPS), it is important to realize what is virtual machine (VM stands for that). Mainly VM uses various resources from a computer such as RAM, or simply a disc space, in order to work on a competed version of computer. In order for you to get the whole idea you ought to regard this as a picture within a picture, for instance you will be able to work on copied version of Windows, using the same computer where Windows was already installed on. 

Majority of hosting companies are aiming at possibility to work on several virtual machines using simply only one PC. Is such a data center with particular servers that are capable to run couple of Virtual machine existed it would be possible to rent every single one to users, and this way VS will transform into virtual private servers. So as you can see the whole process remains the same.

As you can see nearly every single user is able to afford hosting of VPS, but in order for virtual private server to work properly the hardware itself has to be well-functioning and powerful at the same time. For those users who do not have a desire to rent a virtual private server but at the same time seek a future profit, than it will be better to have a local virtual machine on your PC.

There is a common mistake among users who usually take virtual private networks for virtual private servers. Usually virtual private networks are trying to simulate a simple private network with the help of SPC. 

It is possible for a user to utilize Virtual private server to simplify virtual private network, but at the same time but however they are not connected and even alike.


Why do you have to utilize


There has been a particular competing between dedicated hosting, shared hosting and virtual private servers. While renting a dedicated server you will be able to utilize the whole server, on your own, but at the same time when you are a co-host of a server you will have to share any particular sever with other users.

As you can guess a shared hosting is much easier and cheaper for you, but dedicated hosting of virtual private server is much more efficient and costs more for sure. 

When you decide to host virtual private server remember that price is higher just for a little but then in hosting that you share. For instance there is a great shared hosting server DigitalOcean let you be a host for just 0.007$ in an hours, and in a month you will have to pay only around 5 dollars in total. There is also a cheaper version of hosting, you can find a shared server for hosting just for 2-3 dollars per month, but you ought to keep in mind that virtual private hosting can perform a lot better. 


What should I expect from


User can do with virtual private server anything that he can do with his PC. While using virtual private server you will be able to host our worn websites as well.

The sandbox security is the main reason why users regard virtual private servers is profitable. Even if a user masses something up the performance of the server will not be affected. It will be better for a user to have backup so in case something go wrong you can reinstall virtual private server. 

When you are using a shared server other users will be able to get your information and private data by cracking the server. All they need to have is private login and password, and this way they will be able to have an access to your files.


What is a purpose of using virtual private server?


It is obvious from all the information that we have mentioned above that virtual private server can make your life easier, and now let’s see how it can be done.

Run your own website

A main advantage of having your own virtual private server is that you are the one in charge of the whole working process, when while using a share hosting server a host will tell you what changes there are going to be. But with VPS you will be able to run your own remove software.

To be a host of the server

Do you have a desire to host a nice chat web-site where you friends will be able to talk on? Or you want to have a special website for your private media files and other various data? Then Virtual private server is the answer for you. 

How to test a new server

As long as dedicated severs are not cheap at all then we can utilize virtual servers for testing such servers that cannot be run yet. We can also test such parts of servers as operating system, various software or frameworks.


It is possible for you to utilize a virtual private server for torrenting. For those of you who download on torrent frequently then it will be wiser to use virtual private servers that way you will be able to torrent without having to stop it. And even if you decide to freeze it either way your data will be saved. 

Secure your files

In case you want to secure your private data and other files you may utilize the space that is empty on virtual private server. By all means you can save more money while using cloud storage but this idea will be great for those who have been using VPS for quite some time, and for some reason still have a free space on their disc. 

There are so many ways for you to receive a profit from virtual private servers, and you will be able to learn how. You can check the best hosting servers that we have prepared for you.

For those of you who have a virtual private server than I ask you to share the experience with us in the comments given below. Maybe you have ways for solving some problems with it.