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Will Linux VPS hosting suit you, or it will be better to select Windows VPS hosting?
Will Linux VPS hosting suit you, or it will be better to select Windows VPS hosting?
Alexander Grunsky - Data Center Sales Department

If you have finally come to a conclusion that virtual server is what you desire and so desperately need then VDS. Market will aid you to obtain total control of your server, you will have privacy, dedicated server, and a remarkable software. In case you have already made up your mind then your next step should be to decide what kind of VPS hosting will be better and more suitable for your and your company, brand.

There are two possible systems, Linux and Windows. To be frank, they are very much alike, they usually run in a similar way and using this OS you will be able to store your data, of any kind, be that business or private, run various essential programs and software. Remember that VPS is simple like a vast storage. Some may not realize the fact they this two systems also differ in various ways. In the information given below you will discover different advantages and disadvantages of Linux and Windows, so afterward you will decide on your own, which system will be better for you.


Linux VPS


Who does not know about open source software? We are aware of the fact that Linux is a very advanced OS that was created for easier collaboration and distribution of services. It is usually improved regularly and is famous for a great performance quality. As WIikipedia told us this very operating system is used and installed more times than windows or any other OS in the whole world.


  • This kind of OS will help you to save some money due to the reason that the whole operating system is free, it's totally an open source and you will not have to pay for the license.
  • Open source apps will make the whole working process much easier and also you will be able to use such programming languages as PHP and various others.
  • The great opportunity to utilize following options, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu
  • With Linux VPS you will be able to use cPanel with your operating system
  • With Windows, you will get not a total control of the whole data, unlike with Linux, and SSH Acess will provide you with fast server load and quality processing.


  • SSH Acess is not that user-friendly as opposed to Windows interface for that matter before installing Linux VPS you will have to research it.In conclusion, we want to highlight the fact that Linux VPS will suit perfectly to those who know how to run the server, adore open sources and do not want to spend a lot on it.

Windows VPS


As you have probably guessed already Windows VPS is running on Windows, that is considered to be a Microsoft golden invention.


  • The whole Windows interface is very simple and Windows VPS will be very easy to run with the help user-friendly interface. No IT professional and profound skills are required for running this system.
  • For those of you who are trying to develop ASP then Windows will provide you a necessary support for it.
  • Due to the reason that MS SQL was created by Microsoft just like Windows then it is obvious that they work together ideally.
  • By the way, Microsoft will provide you with a constant support for all the Windows errors and the possible solutions.


  • You will have to spend more money on it. Due to the reason that Microsoft have created Windows, it is obvious that they want you to pay for using it constantly.
  • Regarding the advantages of Linus VPS, we can honestly say that Windows offer us less programming languages.
  • If you want to use cPanel then with Windows, unfortunately, it will not be possible.

Summing up, we can say that if your business is already running on various application by Microsoft, then Windows VPS will list you perfectly, as a charm. Regarding all the data given above you will be able to choose directly which particular private server will be better for you. On your website, you will be able to discover more about virtual servers that will help you with your business and select a private virtual server that will make your business simpler and easier for sure.



For those users or business owners who are still hesitating what server will be better to select then, we want you to contact one of our team members. Every single expert is a professional member of our VDS.Market team. As soon as you drop us a line we will be able to aid you and advise you which server will be better for sure.